Sooooo, we’re hiring.


Hey there! It’s Liz & Brooke and we are on the hunt for a new co-worker! This will be a newly created part-time “Master of the Mundane” position designed to support the two of us. A few things to be aware of:

To be totally honest, we mostly know what we need, but we’ll be winging it initially. The short version is that we need to be free to sell so we need someone to support our process.  A process that could use some improvement, so if you’re good at designing and implementing processes, that would be awesome.

We only work with customers we like and break up with the ones we don’t. We do not believe that the customer is always right. In fact, some are a**holes. Sometimes we get fired. Sometimes we cry over things we shouldn’t cry over. Just when we think we’ve dealt with every type of personality known to man then, boom, another one comes along. You get to manage those personalities for us!

We do not care if you have a college degree. We each have one but, in our opinion, it was mostly a waste of time and money. We prefer that you’ve tried different things in life and made some stupid mistakes along the way, assuming you’ve learned from those mistakes. If you haven’t learned from them and/or cannot keep yourself from making them to a minimum, then please don’t apply.

We are more concerned about your potential than your past. We don’t care much about resumes, but we do love a good cover letter. Something telling us why in the world you would want to work with us and what type of work environment makes you thrive. And references. Like, real ones. We will call them. Also, desired income? Please do share.

This will be an administrative position but if you end up accidentally selling something (and you will) you will be compensated. You will have six months to complete your life and health licenses. If you fail the exam the first time, so what. Take it again.

Liz will be your “boss.” Micromanagement is gross. Once the respect and trust are earned, you will have a significant amount of flexibility……not to be taken advantage of. Doing so will make her bossy. Know the difference.

We will never have a customer who comes before our family. Period. (See 3rd paragraph)

The target start date is currently May 1, 2022.

And there you have it! That’s us, for now.


Liz & Brooke


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